Thursday, May 28, 2009

LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!.....NAH..DAT...AINT ME!!!

ahahahahaha...dammmm..crazyy lmfao

This is my kind of girl!!!!

....this my dream girl right here...always liked a girl with an attitude..and has beauty but can stand up for herself!!!>...i mean she is amazing lol....get at me JENN wen i go down to CALI>...nxt week!!>... :]

My Morning..wake up call!!! lol

wake up this morning....turn on the tv and wat do i see??..

kills me everytime i see this!!!....this again falls in the category of Random funny moments lmfao....well ill be back on to finish up some projects i got in the works!!!!!.......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random...funny moments lol...!!!!

these rite here..crack me up...all the time hahaa....they all are literally ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING haaha

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lupe FIASCO....

is a lyrical genius on what he does...that album is gonna be monster..compared to anything...i mean..Lupe is underated for what he does as a lyracist...ppl dont undertstand..dats real poetry ...and of course muzik..just listen to this...really..listen...

...his albums will be great from this point on...i mean when lasers drops..itll be a classic..and for whenever he drops LupEND...just gonna be the change to this world!!!>..ill be on dat lupEND!!!! plus that place hes at...thats the place to perform..i promise!!!!

dammm!!! ...just chillz the whole vid!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


sleep!!!> tired as can be from the night b4 ....stood up all this is all i do..clip is great :">

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i feel on my kanye west shit rite now...feel the lights will b on me for that one moment once i get my diploma!!...feeling good...picturing them calling my name...and handing me it...and i think to dammm... i did to me it will be the beginning of somethin great for myself....sooo ill be listeing to this before this gonna be that jam for the night!! ...yezzzirrr...

<<<>>>>>...d future is me!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is the Song right here!!!!!

when i listen to this..makes me feel like i can get at any woman in the world i feel like my swag on point with this...lmfao!!...yehh i kno..crazy this song make me feel good~~~

this song is killaa!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

feelin a lil spazd out right now!!

alot going on...soo all i do is just listen to songs to put me on!!...i mean songs i just keep quiet too..and have on repeat like 50 times lol...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


all i can pretty much say is!!!

lmfao...this is hilarious but on another is done..a lil bit shockd how fast it went...ahaha..n really can go for a big mac rite now...lmfao

Monday, May 11, 2009


these to to RAWWW....i am looking forward to getting me a pair of these rite here...sick as F88k .... shouts to the kid n his!!

these my next pair of i promise dat!! haaha

FINAL 3 days!!

WOW....<...i got three more days till this school year is finished for HS life went by dont really remember much!!! yet so much happened!!!....wat i can do pull it together..wit this muzik stuff...n show the world wat its been missing...i havent showed new its only a work in progress....once i drop it...its DROPPED!!>...nothin but classics....yehh..on a mixtape!!!..crazy i kno...but everyone will hear it soon!!> just sit back relax...n keep your feet

*i am who i am no doubt no hate , so much on my mind with nothin to erase*


Saturday, May 9, 2009

ANd the muzik still plays!!!!!!!!

all i can do is just chill...relax..i mean..last days been pretty stressful for myself!!!!!...but all i can say is is life..people deal with everything...sometime in there life!!!...just the thoughts of putting myself in my own zone..!!!....which meanz i never gonna quit or back down!!!...regardless of peoples thoughts or feelings towards a man with so much bottled in him!!! Fuck it..all i can do is listen to the man i call a genious ...and yall call rapist!!..lmfao!!...

no lie..feel like swaggin left to right to this....!!!!!...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


i just myself that i will implode ...bcuz i sit n write..i think of rhymes..just need that one hit...its there..i just need to find it!!>.on some dewey cox type shit....but it will be found..i know i have the talent..the mental delivery..the thing hip hop has been missing...i love muzik...i just need to take it in my own hands...i work on my own i thought i trust other ppl wit making them...till you gotta realize the only person who can do nething for yourself!!>...soo chill..until ..i find what ive been my hit!!...i got it coming sooner then yall think...!!!

"i need my one shot like Eminem"

Saturday, May 2, 2009




is the time im posting this !!!...seen dat movie *observe and report* ahaha..its a funny movie!! ...but thought it would of been better...i dont like writing alot in this bcuz i kno yall would get bored of reading it..if i put too much so i write things in portions lol!!>..but im back on write
*muzik coming soon*

"if your so real then why you got a fake chain?"

LAST 18 days!!!!!!

well last 18 days of high school!!>...crazy how fast this all went!!...a lil amazed on what my plans are after HIGH SCHOOL!!>..should be the start of something great for myself!!....still i mean its a new day!!..and im gonna take it day by day..till that day comes ....i mean a lil nervous on my outcome of that night!!> just as good as loosing your virginity lmfao...but still the point is..i am nervous bout the day..curious on what im doing next...but till then!!>..ill be cold chillin!!! ...which is the same as pleasant overthing!!!!

get it!!!! hahahahaha