Thursday, July 23, 2009

98 +1 = 99 post!!!!

song relaxes me much runnin threw my mind.....i comes quick...n things happen faster...well neway..sorry bout not posting the muzik still workinonit...tryin to make it perfect for all the listeners...tryin so hard 2 make it as perfect as i many times ive written n rewritten verses..want to just have that feel for it....iight b4 i get into this..just thought i post somethin b4 i get to 100..cuz i am shurr u all know what the 100th post will be....if u dont will find out...

~~~~~~~ARTIST~~~~~~~ NEVER gone!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who am I?

i mean...i really dont know at this point in life...i am goin thru alot..ive lost ...ppl close 2 me..(not deaths)..but emotionally..its these spins n curves llife can do to crazy..i mean..all i want to do is be successful on some drake i have so much work 2 get there...and i mean...this bloggin stuff aint workn out for love from nobody..and ive always been a *LONER* i mean....i write my thoughts..n have no1 to on it... just waitin for the day..for things to actually go my way...i have so many doubters...n i honestly think i need change in this life...i am going to move to california..writting it off..on really let myself know that its 100 percent sure that im moving out of this life here in AZ..these fake ppl ive met....every1 about themselves...dont care about all i can say is F**K ARIZONA...and the ppl i dont need all...i mite regret those words yeah..but this life ruined me....just all these fake friends n woman...??...mann its fake these girls are here...only bout themselves..n how to better themselves..not carin how you feel...felt as bad as i could down here....girls broke my heart here...n i mean i dont regret i learned..n stronger from it....but like im sayin..i just need 2 start new ppl...and go back to my which is Cali...a place i got to be...prolly one of the last posts ill ever put on here...(besides wen i post my muzik) like i said i eventually would..if u really paid attention to that..but my muzik is droppin sunday...most of it ..will be on my blog....hate it...or love it....AS LONG AS U LISTEN TO IT>...dats all i need 2 know...soo out with this thought..and out of this state....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


this show was great..i use to watch it all the time...these guys were super funny hahaa...jst check out these clips haaha..


lets goo.... ahahaha

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Song Of Great Relaxation!!!!!....

NERD...has always been one of my fav..growin up..since ROCKSTAR POSER...ive always been down with them..when i use 2 hop on my rockn tight pants...ive always been down with them...but this soo u cn b outside..chilln n listen to this song...can be doin almost nething..n this song ..will just zone you out...soo chill ..n listen to this song...make u their isnt so many worries in life!!....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Say HI TO YOUR MOTHER for me!!

Saturday Night Live - Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

i was ...dyin when i first seen this..ahaha..hw much he sounded just like Mark Wahlberg ..ahaha..i seen this yesterday for the first time...but i knew i had to put this on the blog ahaha..check it will agree with me ...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ThiS DAT DRAKE rite here...!!

lookin forward to when drake drops the ALBUm..ahaha like every1 this a classic in my opinion...let it bump in your speakers ...and anybody everybody will feel this!!!!

The Sounds of Inspiration!!!!!....

......this willl..WILL my next joint...just feel the i write writtin 2 this....ahaha...gna be dopppee!!!

This Cracks me up!!! ahahaha

ahahahaa...this is hilarious hahaa...


Wale actually got a hit with this....this the song im gna be playin in the whip...shld b a slick joint for everybody to listen real...but on another note...this my 90th post...10 more till its a big thing for to me..dats alot of damm blogs check out the sure u heard it...and feel it is nice!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Show Is GREAT!!!!

This Show is pretty dam good...i watchd this and easily got addicted hahaa...i mean Alexa Chung does a good job with the show..she keeps it running and has her humor in it...This a MUST WATCH For me hahaa...when she had drizzy to Asher Roth on it...she knows how to keep her guest appearances on check...soo much respect to her..hope to be on that show soon or meet her at least hahaa...yall should check d show it...its pretty awesome lmao...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

how is this not fresh??...

this is super feeln that jacket...but them glasses are killin too...get at me..if you know what brand those glasses are?...and especially brand of jacket that i am really REALLY tryin to get that fit rite there hahaaha...get at me..let me know....them jaspers are sick tho...(shoes hes wearing) ahaha

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quiet in my room....

jst literally in my room listening to this...i mean..this a great song from tufli...he only gettn better...get at me my dude...lets get make muzik!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

another day...another STRUGGLE!!

song puts me back to my past...and current situations going on rite going threw alot..its y im on n off this blog...i love blogging trust...jst so much going on...hard 2 blog ...i blog when i can...but i live with a struggle...but it seems likes its a everyday STRUGGLE...RIP wouldnt be life..without him...

Not Losers....L.A.S.E.R.S!!!!!

what ive heard so far...this going to be LUPES..realist album thus far....listen to the lyrics....hes smooth...from what i hear..its dropping later this december...soo look out for that..album is gonna be what i call...*HIP HOP*...december 2009 one of my personal favorites...

and im looking forward to these being leak seperately!!..

shouts 2 lUPE..and his movement...hes real..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

DAMm...CALI is the place 2 be!!!..

Tyga bringing it back in my opinion..he ill reps that shit say wat u want..but he ill....get at me

song super dope!!

Whats a real blog...without some nonsense like this??

ahaha NO HOMO!!!!

this ...some funny ass shit..aahaha...this kinda stuff kill me..ahahaha but shouts 2 these guys rite here....they did it....was crazy for it..but did it haha

Feels like..its been a while.....!!!!

well...i really havent had time to post a i post is thoughts droppn n put it in a paragraph of words and a video to express back on it...last couple of days..have been life changing....but times like this..shows you only got family..and those close 2 get thru tuff times.... cuz trust wen i can change at any lyou got to do is keep faith and stay sorry..been bumpn this BIG SEAN...too long lol..he dope...but to continue on...all i can pretty much leave this blog off is by saying....keep those close 2 you..that mean somethin to you...and distant from those...who are negative....sounds familiar well mayb cz i changed it up a lil bit...ahaha...soo im a diff guy...changed cz life brought a change to me...and my fam...posting this off a laptop lol...(not mine) get at me...if u can relate...and understand where i come from..... no picture..jst words to picture it...get it?

Friday, June 26, 2009

BIG SEAN!!!!!!!!!>.........

hes dope...lyrics are smooth....barely started listening to him...and i can jive with him....and MIKE POSNER of course lol shouts to (EnVy) u know what im talkn about hahaa...neway...this some new kinda stuff i can really playin this..throughout this day.....IPOD SONG FOR SHURR Lol

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MIchael Jackon...R.I.P

first...if im back on this blogging thing..i got to post on mike jackson..his muzik was inspiring to me....hell never be forgotten all hes done for the culture of sound...and with the label on him of *THE KING OF POP*..hands down in which he is...hes gone..but surely missed....legacy always lives on in my book....happen so fast....


the beginning the end!!!....

MICHAEL JACKSON...August 29, 1958-June 25 2009

an icon..legend...and NEVER FORGOTTEN!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ONe of ThE BeSt To EvER DO It!!!!

BIG my opinion is the craziest with the lyrics....his message were clearly to understand RIP to BIG my L stay up for shurr....shouts 2 L ...listening to this...puts me in a whole nother world!!....street struck always been my fav joint from BIG L...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

In LIfe..YoU..GotTa ReALIZe THaT....YoUr..AlL

really..sit and listen...and it puts things straight for you..i myself...on this laptop...posting this..thinking..of life..and realize..everything..i pretty much gotta be alone!!!! at my TRUE LIFE ZONE>....


swag of a attire of a its what ifeel like listening to this....Rick James is amazing music wise at least RIP RICK JAMES...even with all the drugs and Chappelle skits..ahaah RIck James is a genius ahahahaha ...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tell me this..not THAT JOINT???

only waiting for THIS PERFECT LIFE> gna be playing this once i get this crazzzyyy....its only a this that SONG>

MY BOY JP!!...get at me boyy!!!

he stay in AZ...we did a track a while back hahaah..was hot tho!!..get at me!!

he got some party bangers lol !!!

ANd you thought we were done???

shouts 2 my boy Precyse on it my dude..yall gna b hearin about him...sooner then u i got a project with him...2 be finished with in these next couple of days.....he spits the real....feel like *MY MIND IN ANOTHER WORLD* hahaa...yall will get it soon...alrite..well ill be back soon..keep yall updated on whats going shouts 2 all the real bloggers im down with ahaha..get at me...

*makn muzik dat we kno make your head rocks,
Life is like a box of i eat the whole box,*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And WHen the Clock hits 12....

this is what u get!!! lol..this taht song tho...its to to hard!!!

and the hype...only gets BIGGER!!!




ONLINE June 23rd?? stores Aug.25th....

support the movement!!!!

i can..relate to this!!!

life does come fast..n give quick turns..all you gotta do is just go with the flow...and things will go ur way....but this makes me feel good i begin to remember on my past..and reflect on things that were...and could of been...all im gna do is keep it moving....

And in a morning it was.....

im bout 2 go eat some breakfast lol...some Dennys prefurably lol....crazy morning so far..but things will b alrite haahaha...shouts 2 reem...u on it boy..and PRINCE> the hate...well ill be back on in a a while enjoy just looking at this picture ahaha..

This showw!!!!!!

reminisin on times with DOUg ahahaha...remember waking up everymorning to this....this was that show lol..get at me if u feel me!!!!!

MY guy TOO FLYY>.ahaha..

damm the mixtape he dropped was mad ill.....shoutz 2 tufli...he gettn this song ill so i thought i post it...see if yall can vibe wit i can

in all respect to show...
How Fli?

MY dude..its just muzik!!!!!!

on the laptop...on my bed...just thinkng..bout muzik..i mean..i got these beats..lined up..2 b str8 havocd shouts 2 precyse i got you ahahaha...well im bout 2 show yall wat im on..lets make this happen..MUZIK COMING SOONER THEN U THINK LOL...

prolly the quickest blog ive ever posted hahahaa..well get at me..muzik im on it..down with nebody..who tryin 2 make shit happen..SERIOUSLY lets do it..09 and forever!!!>ARTIST> in it

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brooklyn girl lyrics......

...and whats the lyrics without the video?? haha

I'm an uptown boy with Soho flava
The beat is D minor but I'm oh so major
I do my own thing so I owe no favors
Can't do it now then I won't go later
Haters wanna see the boy get lost in the sauce
But it's gravy so boy get lost
Nah I ain't cocky I'm just statin the obvious
H.O. the boss and I'm makin his pockets rich
Hated or not I am great and about to get greater
Hit the paper like the boy was clay olkovich
I keep it real and my ladies do the same
High class chicks that be crazy in the brain
Style so mean swag is vicious
Smile O.D. as delicious
Stay gettin money no need for ebay
My heart is all world but I'm lovin BK

I ain't got no problems with girls out in Harlem but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
See I had a dope fling with a girl out in queens but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
The Bronx is live that's where my mom resides but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
Damn sure ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
Damn sure ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl

My girl Angie can't be a groupie or whore
She bout getting money in her juicy couture
Do she get bored with the Gucci of course
So the Louis she sports till it ain't new anymore
Then she cop another one makin hoes gettin madder
Gettin more money so the price don't matter
Ain't seen her in a minute know her ass got fatter
And if you think she bad than her friends are way badder
Kenja's a christian never seen freakin
In church every weekend she need to be a deacon
Had a model bitch Vida we ain't speakin
But I had her screamin whenever I was beatin
She been callin, creepin, crawlin
Maybe she would chill if I would beat it off
Then Ronesha's fly and she sweeter than splenda
Cause no one ever slows her agenda

I ain't got no problems with girls out in Harlem but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
See I had a dope fling with a girl out in queens but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
The Bronx is live that's where my mom resides but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
Damn sure ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
Damn sure ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl

And sweet smoke da la la la
BK gettin money no 9-5
Mama sing mama sa mu makusa
I don't make sense but admit it, it's kinda hot
BK girls down with that ride or die
So I always keep one right by my side
See I love New York I ain't gotta lie
So if you messin with my ladies it's homicide
I gotta friend named Shayna
She like Bill Bellamy and how to be a player
Shorty is a player can't nobody play her
Can't nobody game her cause she ain't a gamer
Babygirl a baller kinda like the Lakers
If you would treat her like Shaq then see ya later
Player she do it so easy it's kinda like a layup
She could lay up with your boy with no make up
Keep doin her an I'm a keep doin me
Even on the road I'm a keep 2 or 3
Bad BK chicks that speak fluently
In the Hamilton language girl speak to me please
I remember when I could'nt get a girl for shit
Now I can't get rid of any girl for shit
So when they look at me I don't look away
I spread love it's the brooklyn way
Now let the hook play

I ain't got no problems with girls out in Harlem but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
See I had a dope fling with a girl out in queens but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
The Bronx is live that's where my mom resides but
They ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
Damn sure ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl
Damn sure ain't nuttin like a Brooklyn girl

There ain't nuttin like a brooklyn girl [x3]
There sure ain't nuttin like them brooklyn girls [x2]

This is pretty much self explanatory!!!!!

this alone kills me....i mean sooo soo true..ahaha..SHOTS 2 the blog them the new BLOG JIM ROMEs..ahahaha...


what i more of a darken put me in one of my most darkest zone which is now my BLACK HOODIE ZONE....meaning....i sit and write in more of the darker moments about im writing in the sidekick....and reminise on life...and put things in more a understanding way to really understand my thoughts...and what really goes on....ppl dont know they spread hate...ahaha..shouts to the haters on this blog Sh*T ..ahaaha..i got yall...i mean not easily understood...but will be easily hated?? so its good ..and watch ....i got yall...back on it...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Waking a champion!!

Congrats to LAL for the championship was a great season to went by so quick...but i remember the ride there...congrats fish kobe lamar sasha PAU GASOL...Mmbanga Farmar, Shannon brown, luke, PHIL was a great fun finals...and happy to see dat tital come back where it belongs.... and one last time congrats...and lets bring it back next year :->
ps-sign LO SHANNON and ARIZA..we need everybody to do this again!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

THE realE REal ZOne!!!...

enuff of my gna b on my real zone for a min..which out beats i got lined after listening to this...i just feel inspired...this real...the message of this is back on it....out!!!!

with the Volume Maxd OUt!!!!

me and my soon2be was bumping this on the way home from a movie...had a great time...she was singing this is F**King Awessommeee....she knows how to have a good time with ya boy!!!> singing along ...pointing at me sayings *you the F**king bbest ,, the best i ever had* lol...she is great...shouts 2 you on the morning call from you!!>. :->

ps- Ri TARD(inside joke) lmfao!!!>..watchd the hangover we were cracking up to this the whole night ahahahaa

* babe i cant make you a secret...cuz your nothing to hide, and i cant stop thinking about you just take a look inside my mind*

And when the time is right!!!!>>>

even with urges to let her want her to be step back feel the time isnt take a few steps back and breathe...and let her feel that time is a just wait...and well see how things turn out..i mean im in...if you are in!!!>...the connection can never be disperse...soo its crazy to the limits love will take you too....i mean feelings you cant just wait and see if luck is on your side...bcuz i know this will work out...she's in..and so am i...all we need is time...

*baby if i live in a shelter would you still love me?, or if didnt use a condom.. would you of still done me?*

Saturday, June 6, 2009


this that joint...its put me in a new time zone...ZONE>.lol get it?? is off d chain fo reall out...gna b bumping this song...throughout the damm day... lol

Friday, June 5, 2009

Get Real ZONE!!!

im only trippn on hw life ...has changed to me...last cple of days...shouts 2 jimmy lmao...wat up!!?? lol...i know..but this song takes me to my probs..i suffer..then n in it..if u not..then u lost then!!!>...artist...not RTIIST???lmfao.....1nneeee....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Song of the summerrrr !!!!!>...

if this aint it...then idk wat???....this my song throughout this summer for shurr...this can be playd nemre netime too set dat mood n vibe shouts 2 Asher crazy for it!!!...cee lo on the course...OOOOOOWWEEEEE>...kills !!

Sounds of inspiration!!!...jst listen

checking through youtube..on some Charles sh!T and i seen this old i remember this lil show he put on...was a great i decided to post it...F&ck dat Soulja boy situation just listen to the freestyle..he killed it...he mad nice off the top fo real!!!...

The Smell of Morning Breath!!!!!!...

waking the sounds of Lupe...usuallly waking up to a song like this...puts me in a good mood...and gives me a great start for my day....all im doin is just gna wait for my girl to txt me wen she wakes wakes up late... =P

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who am I? (random blog!)

but i am a person..who has plenty bottled inside..i feel this world is missing out on me...and i just got to get out of my hole...and show this WORLD who i i stood alone 2 stuck in wrong life i put myself in those positions now i must take myself out..
sooo...i am in my now or never zone...meaning it literally now or never..i must take my oppurtunities to the everyone what i got...and watch myself im ready.for whats ahead for ready to take on whoever or whatever i need too!!
no vids to show my emotions right now..just simply letters...and i have plently on my mind!!!!...i have some situational stand points i must take care of or else im held back from my life long telling you..wen i drop the tracks on this will c..who i am..and what im really trying to im in it...and my nowandalways with me for support..and love...shouts 2 u!!..miss you and thinking bout u right now...feels like your the girl ive always been waiting for!!...yeh i got feelings 2 u kno hahahaa...well im back on it..get at me whoever and you will see who this man really more asking ..WHO IS HE??cz you will soon kno!!!..1

*Life has up and downs...but i enjoy roller coasters*

Monday, June 1, 2009

Songs of today!!!

song is str8 real!!!!!

for some reason..i can feel this joint!! lol

song is dopeee!!!! drizzyy the future!!!

just listen!!!

cuz its how i feel right now!!! in it wit u babe!!!...time is all we need...dats all!!....if u need got it!! its all real !!! ill b waiting for ur txt later 2day... :-]

Throwback vids of today.....

i feel this vibe lol....jus chill n vibe wayy out with this !!!...

need i say more>?????

LAKERS all Day!!!!

lakers...are on there the finals...lets hope for the a while ..since ive been im back on...n been busy..wit some biz...i got alot of projects in the works right now!!!> speakings of balling ..yeh i balld and lost 10 to a girl? real koo tho..she got my ass tho hahaa....well see how that turns out??!!?!

Artist is not a picture drawer but a picture drawer!!..get it??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!.....NAH..DAT...AINT ME!!!

ahahahahaha...dammmm..crazyy lmfao

This is my kind of girl!!!!

....this my dream girl right here...always liked a girl with an attitude..and has beauty but can stand up for herself!!!>...i mean she is amazing lol....get at me JENN wen i go down to CALI>...nxt week!!>... :]

My Morning..wake up call!!! lol

wake up this morning....turn on the tv and wat do i see??..

kills me everytime i see this!!!....this again falls in the category of Random funny moments lmfao....well ill be back on to finish up some projects i got in the works!!!!!.......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random...funny moments lol...!!!!

these rite here..crack me up...all the time hahaa....they all are literally ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING haaha

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lupe FIASCO....

is a lyrical genius on what he does...that album is gonna be monster..compared to anything...i mean..Lupe is underated for what he does as a lyracist...ppl dont undertstand..dats real poetry ...and of course muzik..just listen to this...really..listen...

...his albums will be great from this point on...i mean when lasers drops..itll be a classic..and for whenever he drops LupEND...just gonna be the change to this world!!!>..ill be on dat lupEND!!!! plus that place hes at...thats the place to perform..i promise!!!!

dammm!!! ...just chillz the whole vid!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


sleep!!!> tired as can be from the night b4 ....stood up all this is all i do..clip is great :">

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i feel on my kanye west shit rite now...feel the lights will b on me for that one moment once i get my diploma!!...feeling good...picturing them calling my name...and handing me it...and i think to dammm... i did to me it will be the beginning of somethin great for myself....sooo ill be listeing to this before this gonna be that jam for the night!! ...yezzzirrr...

<<<>>>>>...d future is me!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is the Song right here!!!!!

when i listen to this..makes me feel like i can get at any woman in the world i feel like my swag on point with this...lmfao!!...yehh i kno..crazy this song make me feel good~~~

this song is killaa!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

feelin a lil spazd out right now!!

alot going on...soo all i do is just listen to songs to put me on!!...i mean songs i just keep quiet too..and have on repeat like 50 times lol...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


all i can pretty much say is!!!

lmfao...this is hilarious but on another is done..a lil bit shockd how fast it went...ahaha..n really can go for a big mac rite now...lmfao

Monday, May 11, 2009


these to to RAWWW....i am looking forward to getting me a pair of these rite here...sick as F88k .... shouts to the kid n his!!

these my next pair of i promise dat!! haaha

FINAL 3 days!!

WOW....<...i got three more days till this school year is finished for HS life went by dont really remember much!!! yet so much happened!!!....wat i can do pull it together..wit this muzik stuff...n show the world wat its been missing...i havent showed new its only a work in progress....once i drop it...its DROPPED!!>...nothin but classics....yehh..on a mixtape!!!..crazy i kno...but everyone will hear it soon!!> just sit back relax...n keep your feet

*i am who i am no doubt no hate , so much on my mind with nothin to erase*


Saturday, May 9, 2009

ANd the muzik still plays!!!!!!!!

all i can do is just chill...relax..i mean..last days been pretty stressful for myself!!!!!...but all i can say is is life..people deal with everything...sometime in there life!!!...just the thoughts of putting myself in my own zone..!!!....which meanz i never gonna quit or back down!!!...regardless of peoples thoughts or feelings towards a man with so much bottled in him!!! Fuck it..all i can do is listen to the man i call a genious ...and yall call rapist!!..lmfao!!...

no lie..feel like swaggin left to right to this....!!!!!...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


i just myself that i will implode ...bcuz i sit n write..i think of rhymes..just need that one hit...its there..i just need to find it!!>.on some dewey cox type shit....but it will be found..i know i have the talent..the mental delivery..the thing hip hop has been missing...i love muzik...i just need to take it in my own hands...i work on my own i thought i trust other ppl wit making them...till you gotta realize the only person who can do nething for yourself!!>...soo chill..until ..i find what ive been my hit!!...i got it coming sooner then yall think...!!!

"i need my one shot like Eminem"

Saturday, May 2, 2009




is the time im posting this !!!...seen dat movie *observe and report* ahaha..its a funny movie!! ...but thought it would of been better...i dont like writing alot in this bcuz i kno yall would get bored of reading it..if i put too much so i write things in portions lol!!>..but im back on write
*muzik coming soon*

"if your so real then why you got a fake chain?"

LAST 18 days!!!!!!

well last 18 days of high school!!>...crazy how fast this all went!!...a lil amazed on what my plans are after HIGH SCHOOL!!>..should be the start of something great for myself!!....still i mean its a new day!!..and im gonna take it day by day..till that day comes ....i mean a lil nervous on my outcome of that night!!> just as good as loosing your virginity lmfao...but still the point is..i am nervous bout the day..curious on what im doing next...but till then!!>..ill be cold chillin!!! ...which is the same as pleasant overthing!!!!

get it!!!! hahahahaha

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another day...losttt!!!

well just another day...not much jst watchng the rest of the draft...and nothing to exciting..feeling lazy...n not gettin off my asss....yeh tell me about it right!?? ...but lets see how this day turns out!!>...mre posts out!!!




goood luck!!!!!!!!!!

ps-f*** u crabtree...u didnt even wanna come here neway!!


this my dude rite here!!>.ahaha...wat up PHEO!!>..get at me boyy!!!
^ his latest mixtape ...DL it...good muzik..check him out!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


wowowwwww....raiders r dumb..we drafted HEYWARD-Bay...dammm.....rediculous!!!...


damm..wat will happen today??....i am hoping Oakland..hell yeh my team.. i dont care wat nebody says???...Oakland ALLL DAYY


but im pulling for Crabtree..thats my guy rite there...fingers crossed to get him!!!...

Friday, April 24, 2009


is gonna be fuckin AWEESOOMMEE>.bout 2 chill wit my girl!!!....and bout 2 be some hell of a night!! ! back to you on the pics...

Im just on it 2day!!!! LMAO

Im a lyrical beast,
which means i lyrical eat,
see those weaker and they beneath my feet,
so what makes them think they are compared to me,
who they think they are, not even that hard,
throw some ArMAR and you still not that HARd,
dam i go hard, on any kinda beat,
i keep on grindin till i hurt my teeth,
damm u gotta stick wit it, ppl cant even relate wit it
so fuck em they pathetic,
im goin in feeln wreckless,
i swear the best u ever heard
feeln number 1 like Matt Stafford,
the best do ever do it, many chances to prove it,
everybody rap but how many of them can really do it?
Dats what my real question is to anybody,
eazy to hard body, but even eazier to copy,
the swag they take its an ezy break so go ahead n try to stop me
cuz u cant u a fag , so take a step back, or feel my rath!

1 verse..ill start wit that lmao!! just typed as i heard! lmao!!...


THIS VErSIOn of charles is too too rawww!!


too too raww!! sample the shit out of this!!!

another amazing one!!>>>>CH beat me to the sampling tho lol

vibe way the F**k out with this!!!!

listen to this in the darkest moments of my life!!

listen to this..wen i went threw the mre sad parts of my life dead ass serious!!

wat mre 2 say??

N*E*R*D !!!!

guitar solo at the end...simply amazing!!!

AYYE!! OKK!!! i actually can vibe with this a lil!! hahaa


Thursday, April 23, 2009


what up yall... lol..i love this blog sH**...lmao...pretty koo post my thoughts as the day goes well just dropping thoughts

{for the game of rap}


Good Afternoon..goodnight...n good morning !!>..

well back on it some new things to show !!...have pics of myself soon..muzik up even sooner some tracks comin out with a couple local kids..including myself..(well duhh) lmao!!> in time ill have all that up for ppl who see my blog soon!!

ONE all LOVE!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my main man rite here...

gott hisss assss

some Vegas more to come!!!

all luv 2 thse to jerks!!!

Clear things up!!!

i am who i am...dont doubt me...i stay in my lane..ppl stay in need to take things differently...i just show anybody..everybody a homie..soo chill!!!...

The Beginning of something great!!!!

well im new to this thx to the homie....llaves973 im on this shit..lmao!!!..but soon music you will see..i am typical..yessss...butt i have my own ideas at times..lmao!!...