Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who am I?

i mean...i really dont know at this point in life...i am goin thru alot..ive lost ...ppl close 2 me..(not deaths)..but emotionally..its these spins n curves llife can do to crazy..i mean..all i want to do is be successful on some drake i have so much work 2 get there...and i mean...this bloggin stuff aint workn out for love from nobody..and ive always been a *LONER* i mean....i write my thoughts..n have no1 to on it... just waitin for the day..for things to actually go my way...i have so many doubters...n i honestly think i need change in this life...i am going to move to california..writting it off..on really let myself know that its 100 percent sure that im moving out of this life here in AZ..these fake ppl ive met....every1 about themselves...dont care about all i can say is F**K ARIZONA...and the ppl i dont need all...i mite regret those words yeah..but this life ruined me....just all these fake friends n woman...??...mann its fake these girls are here...only bout themselves..n how to better themselves..not carin how you feel...felt as bad as i could down here....girls broke my heart here...n i mean i dont regret i learned..n stronger from it....but like im sayin..i just need 2 start new ppl...and go back to my which is Cali...a place i got to be...prolly one of the last posts ill ever put on here...(besides wen i post my muzik) like i said i eventually would..if u really paid attention to that..but my muzik is droppin sunday...most of it ..will be on my blog....hate it...or love it....AS LONG AS U LISTEN TO IT>...dats all i need 2 know...soo out with this thought..and out of this state....


  1. Artistfuture,

    From a fellow blogger I just wanted to let you know that what you're doing is important and meaningful.

    You express yourself very well through your blog and have a great understanding for the complexities of popular culture.

    I'm sorry AZ hasn't worked out for you. I always find that I am happiest when I am surrounded by the people that I love and admire. At the end of the day though, we must do what makes US happy, and access the beauty within us.

    I'm looking forward to the music you present, and hope that you find everything that you are looking for in life. Keep writing, never stop.


    Max Gibson

  2. Hey,

    I just wanted to let you know that somebody ( is reading your writing. I don't doubt that many other other people are reading it, they just aren't leaving comments. And, as far as your current loop with this "crazy life", what I have to tell you is, think POSITIVE. You are a magnet and whatever type of attitude you hone will be the type of events and situations that you attract. So, keep your mind PoSitive as much as you can. And keep writing ...because I've been reading.

    Shania O.

  3. i feel u my ni99a lol same here i love jersey girl but like wtf lol nd ny chicks but yo u my ni99a keep ur head up duces llaves

  4. hey.. This is my first comment on your blog.. n i m sure I ll have a long way to go here with you.. Buddy.. you so much sound like me.. I am glad that there is one more creepy mind as that of mine .. he he... Welcome to the league :)
    Love your this post.. and u are definitely blofrolled !

  5. I dont know you and honestly you shouldn't care how many ppl show love i know signing on and seeing that someone left something motivates you to keep on blogging and what not but just use this as therapy like i do trust me im also a loner and this is my only way to communicate with the outside world and sometimes ppl just don't like leaving comments or what not but trust me im sure there's someone that looks forward to seeing what you posted up every time you do so keep doing your thing G peace Lol 1. Btw fuck the doubters and haters as long as you believe in yourself that's all that matters never give up i recommend this song Jay-Z Ft. Pharrell
    "So Ambitious" aight foreal this time peace.