Thursday, July 23, 2009

98 +1 = 99 post!!!!

song relaxes me much runnin threw my mind.....i comes quick...n things happen faster...well neway..sorry bout not posting the muzik still workinonit...tryin to make it perfect for all the listeners...tryin so hard 2 make it as perfect as i many times ive written n rewritten verses..want to just have that feel for it....iight b4 i get into this..just thought i post somethin b4 i get to 100..cuz i am shurr u all know what the 100th post will be....if u dont will find out...

~~~~~~~ARTIST~~~~~~~ NEVER gone!!!


  1. dude, this is precyse, idont know what the hell is ur problem but whats the deal wit u tryna start trouble wit people using my name...YOU ARE "prince" amd i know that now...WTF...seriously, uncool...very...smh.

    in the words of my big homie Gambitt

    its quiet for that.

  2. stop posting shit sayin im dissin CH, seriously dude , u lucky as hell i dont know where u live..deadass...but its w.e ...ur life must be shit 4 u to be tryna start shit wit people ...smfh.. 1 urself into the next galaxy

  3. look...all i know is that this motherfucker price reps ur site like its his...posts it everywherewhere like its his so i can only assume ur the same person...after i connected wit u seems like this annoyin sunofabitch price jus came around outta the yea , i jus tell it like it is...i bin stopped responding to that no life yea, its w.e ....if its not u then i aint got no prob wit u...tired of seeing disrespectful shiton my page talkin bout my gma and my bois n shit..thas no good...soo yea, if u ever find out who tht nigga is let me no ...i got some shit 4 him...dont care what state he's in ..feel me..peace

  4. dam thas wassup my dude...yea u right , its all bout musik...i wanna apologze for the misundersttanding...i was jus heated as fk wen it was goin bad..deadass...and yea, i def wouldnt mind gettin suttin together witcha mang..jus let me no whenever nd i got u the same day....peace ma dude...