Friday, April 24, 2009

Im just on it 2day!!!! LMAO

Im a lyrical beast,
which means i lyrical eat,
see those weaker and they beneath my feet,
so what makes them think they are compared to me,
who they think they are, not even that hard,
throw some ArMAR and you still not that HARd,
dam i go hard, on any kinda beat,
i keep on grindin till i hurt my teeth,
damm u gotta stick wit it, ppl cant even relate wit it
so fuck em they pathetic,
im goin in feeln wreckless,
i swear the best u ever heard
feeln number 1 like Matt Stafford,
the best do ever do it, many chances to prove it,
everybody rap but how many of them can really do it?
Dats what my real question is to anybody,
eazy to hard body, but even eazier to copy,
the swag they take its an ezy break so go ahead n try to stop me
cuz u cant u a fag , so take a step back, or feel my rath!

1 verse..ill start wit that lmao!! just typed as i heard! lmao!!...

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