Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who am I? (random blog!)

but i am a person..who has plenty bottled inside..i feel this world is missing out on me...and i just got to get out of my hole...and show this WORLD who i am...cz i stood alone 2 long...im stuck in wrong life situations...cz i put myself in those positions now i must take myself out..
sooo...i am in my now or never zone...meaning it literally now or never..i must take my oppurtunities to the fullest..show everyone what i got...and watch myself succeed...cz im ready.for whats ahead for myself...im ready to take on whoever or whatever i need too!!
no vids to show my emotions right now..just simply letters...and thoughts...cz i have plently on my mind!!!!...i have some situational stand points i must take care of or else im held back from my life long dream.....MuSIC...im telling you..wen i drop the tracks on this blog..you will c..who i am..and what im really trying to say....cz im in it...and my nowandalways with me for support..and love...shouts 2 u!!..miss you and thinking bout u right now...feels like your the girl ive always been waiting for!!...yeh i got feelings 2 u kno hahahaa...well im back on it..get at me whoever and you will see who this man really is..no more asking ..WHO IS HE??cz you will soon kno!!!..1

*Life has up and downs...but i enjoy roller coasters*

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